Monday, January 4, 2010

Where we stayed - Kunja Villas Seminyak

The Kunja Villas were absolutely Amazing... We had a 3 bedroom Villa with our very own pool and bedroom - bathroom.  Mum and Dad, my Brother Matt and Renee and Adama and I all shared.  Every morning our breakfast was cooked for us.  I spent most days wallowing in the pool... ha ha ha.. It was very hot and humid so the pool was a cool refreshing place for my expanding tummy.. ha ha
I don't think i will ever get a chance to stay in something like this again, so it was nice to holiday like the rich and famous.. ha ha ha!!

This is what our Villa looked like at night time.. It was just magical...

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Sharon Manning said...

Oh it just makes me want to go back again tomorrow. The Villas look awesome Krissy - and yes the pool is the coolest place to be, even if you aren't pregnant! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Sharon xo