Sunday, January 17, 2010

...2...3...4....will soon become 5.

It's amazing how sometimes you stop to think how different our life is going to be in a couple of months.. I was backing up my photos to our external hard drive the other day and i was looking at Sam and Nic's birth photos, when it occured to me that in the space of 4 years our Family has grown from 2 ( Adam and I ) to 3 ( Sam )  to 4 ( ..add Nic) and soon we will be a family of 5.

So there you have it... In a couple of months time we will be able to add another photo to our Famliy album.
I was reading Tracey's Blog the other day and decided to take up her challenge that she had set herself this week.  Tracey is a very talented paper scrapper, but i decided to do the page digitally. Go and check out her blog..

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Tracey said...

Seriously love the layout and thanks heaps for the nice comments. I love the circles how cute.
Yes time does fly fast. I can't believe that in just three days my first born will be 12, about to go into high school and going to catch the school bus.
sometimes I just wish time would slow down... just a little.
love me :-)