Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Holiday shots...

Here are some Random shots from our Holiday.. I promise this will be the last of our Holiday photos, hope i haven't bored you too much.  It was such a great holiday, the place we stayed was amazing, the wedding was Beautiful and the time spent with my family was the best!!

There were many, many, many days spent by the pool... ha ha ha..

The streets of Kuta were crazy.. There were so many Balinese and tourists in Kuta to celebrate New Years Eve.. I didn;t feel that safe with my tummy and bikes and scooters riding on the footpaths to try and get out of the grid lock traffic.

On the last night we went and had some really nice cocktails and watched the sunset.. It was beautiful!


Jo Kay said...

Of course you haven't bored us!!!! The photos are amazing and make me want to go on holiday!! So glad you had a wonderful time Kris.
Jo x

Tracey said...

Love the photo's... I soooooo want to go to Bali. If I had my way I would go every year.
Thanks for all your info on the digital stuff. Just got my computer back today so I am itching to learn something new.
It was great to catch up as well.
love me :-)