Sunday, May 23, 2010

Parallel Lives

I was blog hopping today when i came across this blog..I should be folding laundry..

At first it was the name of her blog that made me giggle because it was exactly what i should of been doing, instead i was on the
Anyway She has a photography challenge each week, where she asks you to capture a photo based on a particular theme.. and i thought well this will be a good thing to try.. because i think it will help me improve when using my camera and taking photos.  This weeks challenge was to take a photo showing : "Depth of field"... (  here is my example )

 So looking forward to her next photo challenge...

BUT - there is more to this post.... I started to read back through her blog posts and realised when looking at the pictures that she has a baby that looks similar in age to Elise.. i soon found out that her little boy was actually born on exactly the same day as Elise... she had a c-section exactly like me... Her little boy Eli, has not been the best of babies, just like Elise.. he wasn't feeding the best, wasn't sleeping and just wouldn't settle and cry alot.....He  even had a similar birth weight and length.. His name is even
So i am sitting there reading all this thinking... this lady is me, she is living my life right now.. we had so much in common it seemed very weird that someone, somewhere over the other side of the world, can be doing the same thing i am...trying to be the best mum i can be with a new born baby.
makes you stop and think!


Barbara said...

Wow tha't very special!

"See you" at You Capture (think i'm gonna join the club too ;) )

leigh said...

I discovered your Blog over at the You Capture link up. I wanted to tell you about The Happiness Project over at my Blog. It’s simple, every Tuesday you just post a photo of something that makes you wildly happy. It’s been so rewarding to meditate each week on what brings me happiness. I would like to invite you to join and link up to Mr. Linky. I am trying to take over the Blogosphere with happiness!

Here is a link to last weeks round up if you want to check it out!

Alicia said...

love the cute!! I miss my baby girl being that tiny...she grew up so fast!

P.S Found your blog on You Capture. :)