Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bridezillas would be easier to photograph..

ha ha ha.. You are probably wondering what i meant by the title of this post..
Yesterday i had the lovely Sharon come and take a few photos of Elise.  The only problem was that Elise was not playing the game and for the life of us we could not get her into a deep enough sleep to take lots of photos of her..
We tried everything, apart from a little bit of Bourbon in her milk..ha ha ha ( Hey Sharon, might have to try this next
Please go and check out her blog, Sharon Manning Photography, she has put up a couple of sneak peeks for us to have a look at. They are very cute and look forward to seeing the rest.
 If you live in Perth and are looking at wanting to get some photos done, I would thoroughly recommend Sharon, she was wonderful. (.. and very understanding)
....and as we were joking yesterday, i think your worst Bridezilla would have been easier to photograph than Elise

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