Monday, May 31, 2010

Freo... Way to go

For the last 16 years, from the very beginning of their club i have barracked for the Fremantle Dockers.  It all started when i was at Uni down at Notre Dame in Fremantle and the club and the Uni forged a bit of a bond because both were new to Freo!
So for many many years i have listened to people say to me, the dockers are crap, why do you go for the dockers..etc  ....and i have gone for them anyway, that's just what you do when they are your team!!
But Geez.. they are having a great season...ha ha ha

So there you go.. I love my footy and i love my Freo
(i bet some of you did'nt know i loved footy so much... that's what happens when you grow up with brothers..!!)
Yesterday i went to the footy with my FIL (Derek) and my mum and dad.. It was a great game to go to, a Huge win!!

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