Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finger Painting

Why is that kids love finger painting??  lol
Grandma bought these great stencils and paints for the boys to use and as you can see at the beginning controlled by my Obsessive compulsive need to not mix colours, i had each paint on its own plate with its own sponge.. but things didn't stay that way..ha ha ha....

Thanks Grandma.... The boys loved it!!


Tracey said...

Soooooo much fun, wish I was finger painting. Anytime my kids paint it only last a short while, they get up and leave but I always end up staying and painting heaps. I am just a big kid really.
Love the nursery. You almost make we want to have another baby LOL.
Its so cute love the white/pink thing going on. Can't wait to meet her.
love me :-)

Mrs Frizz said...

Those pics of the boys look fabulous Kris and they are all definitely scrapable of the budding van Gogh's at work.