Thursday, March 18, 2010

False Alarm..

Well i spent a couple of hours at the hospital on Tuesday night being monitored. I had been experiencing some pains for a few hours in the afternoon,  that weren't getting any worse, but werent going away either, so rang the hospital and they said just to come in to get checked over becasue i am booked c-section, they don't like to take any chances..

So after being hooked up for a machine for a couple of hours i was able to go home.  I was having small contractions / tightenings but everything clamed down after a while.. Bummer Hey!!

Sorry about the photos ( hope i haven't put your off your breakfast / lunch...ha ha ha)
Took it pretty easy yesterday, Adam stayed home to help with the boys and today i am back into it.. Might just have to wash the floors and vacumm to get something


Vicki said...

Thinking of you Kris....hang in there! Love Vicki xx

Mrs Frizz said...

so are those floors of yours all shiny and sparkling ...

hang in there - not long to go now!!!