Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome Home Daddy

Well Yesterday 2 little boys were very excited that their daddy was coming home from America. He had been gone for 10 days which must seem like a life time to these two.
This is the first time that I think Sam understood and missed him. Nicholas is a bit a of a Daddy's boy so i' am sure he felt it as well ( .. which may explain why he didn't sleep well for the whole Time..Grrrr.)

We decided to fill in the morning before we had to pick him up, by making some streamers and Making a cake for him.. Sam called it his " Home cake" ..LOL..( instead of his happy birthday cake!)

Don't you love this Photo of Adam that Sam drew.. too cute!

Adam bought them home this classic plane, that they can sit on.. They spent the whole afternoon pulling each other off it, to have " their turn"..

Up, Up and Away....
Adam bought Sam a harmonica.. He loved it!

We are glad you are home Daddy. xxxx

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