Friday, May 22, 2009

Here is the second task over at Country paper craft.. You had to complete a layout that was focused on the journalling. it had to have between 75 - 100 words..
Mine had 181 and it is a bit of a light-hearted look at being a Mother!!
Journaling reads:
I didn’t read the fine Print…

I am pretty sure I didn’t read the fine print when I signed up to be a Mother.. Because if I had read the fine print it would of said that you will be woken many times throughout the night. You will not get a full night sleep once they are born. You will be forever, cleaning up poop and sick and snot. You will have to learn to like drinking cold cups of tea. You will become an expert at washing your hair, brushing your teeth and shaving your legs in the shower all at the same time. No longer will you be able to go to the toilet without a shadow. Eating Dinner standing up will become the norm.. I wouldn’t have the best hugs a child could ever give, I would never experience the look of trust between a mother and their child. I would never experience a love that is so unconditional..
But then if I didn’t experience all of these things I could not be called a MOTHER.. Could I???

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Angela said...

just popping into say HI! being a mum IS great and gets better when they are older. And remember payback is a b*tch when you vacuum their bedroom on a Saturday morning! lol