Saturday, May 16, 2009

5th Birthday Moonlight

Well As promised here are some photos from last night..

Don't you just love the little Red Carpet... LOL

Everyone was asked to dress using paper craft stuff.. Here is Amanda ~ ( Who ended up winning the best dressed..You go Girl..)

Sharon I told you I would get a Photo...LOL..

Sonya, Tracey, Evana and I were waiters for the night.. With our little bow ties and "TM"
Tea towels..

I don't think much scrapping was done..More chatting and Drinking ~ I think!!

We all had such a great night down at the shop last night to Celebrate Tomorrows Memories 5th Birthday. All the Ladies went to such a great effort to get dressed up and participate in the spirit of the night.. To Vicki, Jo and Clori, Thank you so much for allowing me to work in such a great shop, you should be so proud of your efforts throughout the whole week and deserve a well earned rest!!


Vicki said...

A fantastic selection of photos Kris...thanks for taking them and heaps of thanks for all your help and work on the night. It was a great night, lots of fun!!! Now, some serious rest for all of us!!
Vicki x

Tomorrow's Memories said...

You are an absolute gem. Thank you so much for taking all the photos and when I catch up on some sleep, we will post them on the TM Blog!!!
Thank you so much for your "postive attitude!!!!!" and although I give you heaps, it is one of the things I love about you the most!
Jo x