Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Digital Classes

Jessica Sprague is offering free Hybrid and Digital classes over at her blog to celebrate National scrap booking day. So if you have been interested in the layouts that i have done, maybe you could do these 2 classes for free and decide if you want to learn more... I promise you, you will!!

Yesterday my friend Lesley and I took the boys for a ride on their bikes down to the park. Sam just loved the fact that he was able to ride on the footpath instead of around the backyard...LOL.. He is very excited to go again..
Well i am heading down to the shop today to finish off my layouts for the June / July class roster and then I will be back there tonight to work at the Moonlight crop, and for those of you who haven't seen enough of me down there, I'll be back tomorrow to teach the beginners classes...LOL
Have a great day!!


Sharon Manning said...

Cool. See you there tonight!

Angela said...

well I am loving what you are creating so I might give em a whirl! thanks