Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary

I just wanted to wish Adam "Happy Anniversary"... ( Not that he reads my blog anyway...LOL)
Today we celebrate 7 years. He is the most amazing man, husband and daddy ever!
I love you now and always xxx

Here is a layout i did today using this photo. I actually tried a new technique today, taught to me by the marvellous Sharon
She will often print photos straight onto white card stock and it looks really cool. I also used PINK....LOL I very rarely scrap using Pink...


suzitee said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Adam, Kris. May you share many more happy years together. Love your LO, and you do pink well :)

Vicki said...

Ooohhhhh!!! Ain't love grand!! Love the wedding photo and the great job you have done on the layout too! Thanks heaps for helping out in the shop this holiday and for learning the ropes too!! Vicki

johnty66 said...

"Amazing " I think is going over the top a little ...skillful, clever,handy I will accept but amazing ??? Chris Judd is amazing!!! Adam Sparkes ...wondefully gifted person !! ......I can say this because I am his Father In Law

Sonya Thair said...

Happy Anniversary to you both for Monday gone. Should have told me Tuesday lovey. Anyway i'm loving as you know all the layouts you've done since the new year rolled on in. All the best for your first kids class 2moro.

PS. Put all the necessary equipment in your pidgy

texmorg said...

I just wanted to say thanks, I really enjoyed todays class.
Happy Anniversary for the other day.
xx Linda