Sunday, January 18, 2009

Family Ride

Today we took the boys for a ride down along the river at Burswood. It was such a lovely morning. I managed to ride 7.5 kms which is a pretty reasonable effort for my first attempt. However, I was so glad to see the park that we were to stop at - so that Sam and Nic could have a play and something to eat for morning tea.. ha ha ha..LOL It will be interesting to see how my legs will feel later on this arvo..

This was Nic's first time on the back of my bike. I was a bit worried that i wasn't going to be able to last the distance with him on the back but we managed!!

Check out Sam in the background - chucking a wobbly...LOL..

This is a gorgeous photo of Nic - look at his little curls.. AWWwwwwwwww!

Earlier in the week I took the boys for a swim at Deb's house. Here is a gorgeous photo of Sam and Kaleb having a great time swimming in the pool.

Adam was away all week in Broome for work and arrived home Friday night .... Mum and dad and Liz and Derek left for a 10 day holiday to Phuket and Bangkok on Friday as well, which makes me very jealous.. They will have a fabulous time i just know it!
A pretty busy week for us this week, I am working a couple of days.. and
It is also Adam's birthday on Tuesday - God knows what else i am going to get him??
haven't done any scrapping since last weekend, but might do some this arvo!

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