Friday, January 2, 2009

Can you Believe..

Can you believe that my gorgeous Nic turns One tomorrow...

This year has gone by so quickly and he has grown up right before our eyes. He is such a beautiful natured child, who is very laid back and easy in any situation.. You will very rarely here Nic crying or whinging, he is always happy to go off and play and explore on his own. He loves to toddle down to Sam's room and you will often find him, sitting and playing with Sam's toys ( mostly in his mouth..LOL..)
I am really looking forward to sharing his first birthday with our families at a Picnic on Sunday!!


Mrs Frizz said...

Happy birthday wee man.

Jo Kay said...

Oh Kris - that slide show is gorgeous, precious, priceless - it is amazing to see how much Nicholas has grown over the year! You are such a good Mother!!!
I hope he had a wonderful birthday and thanks so much for sharing.
Jo x

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!!!! DGD Erin turns one on Mardh 4. Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year Kris. Look forward to talking more in 2009

cheers Sharon