Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sam was hard work today!


It has been a very long Day. Both Sam and Nic have a cold and were quite demanding of my time today, so I'm feeling pretty tired.

This morning Sam and I cooked some cakes. Sam is really loving our cooking time at the moment and loves when he can tip the cups into the bowl. As you can see by the photos he also loves eating the milk choc bits as well.

We played puzzles, watched a few DVD's ( Toy Story for the millionth time) I cut him a banana..Ha HA Ha hA.. ( Inside joke with Veronica!!)

Nic is so gorgeous at the moment, He just loves watching Sam walk around the room and follows him with his eyes. His Smiles are priceless and he really giggles now which is very cute. He loves playing in his play table and is quite strong to hold himself up now. He's still not too keen on tummy time, but we're working on it!

Had Red`Rooster for dinner, couldn't be bothered cooking, Sam was happy he had Chippees, as he calls them.
Off to the shop, have to go and buy some fruit and Veg and Milk, might throw a block of chocolate into the trolley.. I think I've deserved it today!

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