Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mid-Week Madness

The Boys are keeping me Busy...

Well, I can't believe how quickly a week can fly by. It's Wednesday already and Mum and Dad will be home in 2 Days.. Yippee. They are absolutely loving Paris and have seen many of the amazing sights it has to offer. Dad was a bit overwhelmed and turned into a big sook, when standing near the Arc de triumph ( I know it's not how you spell it, but hey - I'm not French..)

Sam is very trying at the moment and is definitely testing my patience. He can tell you exactly what he wants and doesn't want. He thinks that if he shouts out "NO - Thank you"... that it makes it not so bad...quite funny really.

Went to try and get his Hair-cut at Karrinyup yesterday, as you can see from the photos he didn't, because he wouldn't sit in the chair, even with a chocolate bribe, and threw himself on the floor until i convinced him that he wasn't going to have it cut.. quite embarrassing, but hey I'm sure this is going to be one of many shop tantrums...

Had a great day today. Took some gorgeous photos of Nic this morning.. Can't wait to scrapbook them.

Ooooh he is just too cute!!

Clarie and Eamon are off on their American holiday ( I'm soooo jealous,) on Saturday so she came over for lunch and spend some time with the boys before she goes. Sam, Claire and I played puzzles, which entailed Sam tipping them out and Claire and i putting them back together, as Sam walked away..

Nic gave Claire some gorgeous cuddles and smiles before she left!

Sam had a great time with Claire as well, He does love his "aunty Claire"

Every time i am talking on the phone recently he wants to talk to them as well, however all he does is listen, and i have to do a lot of prompting..

He spoke to Ashleigh on the phone today and I tried to tell her what he did today.. so I thought it would be easier to show Sarah and Ashleigh on the computer. He misses you both a lot and talks about you all the time. He can't wait to see you soon... This is what he did today,

He played in the sand pit -

Played with his truck -

Played on the slide -

So as you can see he is very busy at the moment.. and do you want to know what his new trick is???

Climbing on the top bunk... the only problem is that he can't get down.. ( My nightmare has begun.. whose crazy idea was it to get bunks???? Ha Ha Ha Ha ... MINE Arrgghhh )

Well I've gotta go, try and get some sleep before I'm up again with Nic... Catch ya round like a fruit loop!!

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