Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sam's Pirate Party

 On Friday night we celebrated Sam's 5th birthday with  a pirate party.  His Birthday is not until tomorrow, but he had 6 little friends over for a swim and a play.  We had a few games and some great party food!!

 He wore a little pirate suit, being the birthday boy :)

 Thanks to Liz, who helped me so much, collecting things for the party with a pirate theme, and being here on Friday to help me set up, she really did so much to help me get the party off the ground :)

 Dad and Claire came dressed as pirates :)
 Check out this cake Mum made on Friday morning.. Looks awesome !!

 Darcy, wasnt into pirate parties yet.. ha ha ah
Was a great fun night, Sam loved having his friends and family over and he got very spoilt :)


Anonymous said...

Okay enough is enough. I want something else to look at. xx

Mrs Frizz said...

oh wow - that wee birthday boy looks absolutely fabulous as a pirate ... and wowser ... that birthday cake is more than something special!