Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My cute babies

Its amazing how quickly my kids are growing up..  I mean who would of thought that in 2 weeks time Sam will turn 5 and Elise is turning 1.  I try sooo hard to enjoy every moment with them and at times it is so hard when you have all 3 of them at you, whinging or crying.  And you find yourself getting cross at them because I'm tired and exhausted.  When all they want is to be with me and have my attention and love xx
But then I look at photos like this and think, Geez i am so lucky and blessed to have 3 beautiful children.  Who are healthy and happy and are as cute as buttons xxx
Its amazing to think that this photo was taken just under a year ago when Elise was born and then look at us all now..lol
I am thankful :)


suzitee said...

It goes by so fast Kris...and we get so busy taking care of their day-to-day stuff that we forget sometimes to stop and be thankful :) You're right though...yours are soooo cute!

Vicki said...

Can't believe that Elise is nearly one!!!! Thinking of you xx