Saturday, March 26, 2011

Its been while!!

Life has been so crazily busy that i think it was way back in 2010 that i actually got a chance to scrap my last Digi
By the time i had Christmas and everyone's birthday apart from mine.. there has been no time or even any motivation to scrap....So i decided to sit down this arvo and try to scrap up a few photos.  They aren't the greatest or by far very technical but at least i got a chance to

 I love the quote in the yellow box of this layout.

 This photo of dad and Elise is one of my favourites at the moment.
Elise turns one on Tuesday.. Can you believe it!!


Mrs Frizz said...

and didn't it feel totally wonderful taking time out just to scrap ... you betcha it did!

Anonymous said...

That saying about Sam is true. He is growing in to a very caring and loving person.

Anonymous said...

Time flys when your having fun hey... Love the latest LO's just gorgeous xxx as are you...Parky