Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nic's new bike..

Here is a few photos of Nic on his new bike.. Thanks to Mum and Dad who bought it for him.. ( a very early birthday prezzie..) He is slowly getting the hang of it!!

You may have noticed the black eye that Nic has!! OUCH... the poor little guy was running and tripped out the back and landed head first into our outside wooden table and chairs..
Here are a few photos of the boys helping Adam build their new sandpit, out the back.. Hopefully it will be finished by next weekend..

I love these ones of Nic helping Adam hammer the wood..way too cute!!

Hopefully I will have a much quieter week this week.. things are just way to hectic and I think my body is saying... Kris would you just slow down!!!


Vicki said...

Hello Kris!! Thanks for helping out last week while we were away...we had a fantastic holiday. Very relaxing. Hope to see you soon....remember to listen to your body screaming for you to REST!!!!
Vicki x

Anonymous said...

Hi there neighbour way too cute these photos. Must catch up soon and see you all.... Great daddy and son shots..... take care hope your well