Friday, October 2, 2009

Jolliffe's Come to Stay..

Well it has been a great couple of days.. My cousin Tania and her 3 kids ( Sarah, Ash and Mitch)came to stay at our house for 3 days.. Sam absolutely loved having them here to play with. We don't get to see them as much as i would like.. which might be a good thing because i think if Tan lived in Perth we would forever be having cuppas at each others house..

On Thursday we took all the kids to the show. It was such a good day and Sam was most excited about wearing his new TMNT t-shirt..ha ha..

Nic liked the animals

I love this photo of Mum and Sam on the Merry-go-round..

I took Nic on the little truck roller-coaster.. He liked most of it but got a little teary towards the end and wanted to get off.

Here is Sarah and Ash and Mitch on the roller coaster as well..

I love this one of Mitch waving.. It is very cute!!

We spent today playing out the back.. It was such a lovely day here.
They have now gone home and I know Sam for one will miss them.. Can't wait to go down and stay with them soon..
I am off to work the moonlight scrap tonight.. Hopefully I won't fall asleep.. ha ha!!
Have a good weekend!

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