Thursday, October 29, 2009

How could I tell him off...

These pictures probably don't do the story justice, but I'll tell it anyway....
During Nic's sleep today i said to Sam that i was going to close my eyes on the couch and have a rest as well and he could sit and do something quietly.. So after about half an hour i woke to find Sam sitting among a whole lot of white paper and he had used his scissors to cut into EVERY piece of white paper that was in his scrapping box... I asked him.. " Sam what are you doing cutting all those papers?.." and he says to me.." Mum i am just practising my cutting for school.." it made me laugh... Thank God the papers were anything important..

... and as for Nic... Well maybe i shouldn't have iced our cup-cakes with red icing ... it stains!!

Here is my latest digital layout.. I used the paper sketch over at CPC
and i turned it digital... came out pretty well!!


Vicki said...

Bless him for practising his cutting!!!! Maybe you could try black icing next time on the cupcakes!!!!
Vicki xx

Tracey said...

Aren't kids just priceless. I hope you are going to scrap that ever so precious moment. Loving the digital stuff and as long as those cupcakes were yum who cares. Hope you are keeping well
Love me :-)