Saturday, February 12, 2011


I saw these 2 playing peek-a-boo this arvo and it brought back so many beautiful memories of these two together.  They are so cute during the days while Sam is at Kindy. Elise follows Nic around all the time. They squeal and shout at the tops of their voices. ( this is only a few hundred photos i have of these two

Such a special bond.
Sorry i haven't blogged for a while.  Adam was in Melbourne for the week and the kids and i were home alone.  
Sam is loving school and has had a few play dates already.  Elise is walking around on every bit of furniture we have.  I'll give her a few weeks and she'll be walking.. Boo hooooo ;)
Nic and I have been having some special one-on-one time while Sam is at School.  Just doing activities together having me all to himself.  I think he loves it :)

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