Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where did September go??

It's official.... I have absolutely no idea where September went.. With the kids still being a little sick with coughs and colds, Adam going to Singapore for work for 5 days and just general day to day craziness of my life right now... September is gone!
Here are the photos from this month ~

Do you know what the best thing about most of these photos is that i have shot them off Auto on my camera..lol.. So my photo course that I'm doing is really paying off :)
Hopefully i will be back sooner rather than later with more updates on my blog... been way to long.. I miss my blog ...  ha ha ha !!!


Vicki said...

Love, love love all the photos Kris! Hope to catch up with you soon...vicki x

Tracey said...

Loving the "no auto". We must of paid in attention in class cause I am off auto as well.
and guess what...
I have just finished my second digital scrap page wahooooooo.
loving the digi stuff.
Love me :-)