Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tomorrow's Memories Babies

Last night i went to visit the girls at Tomorrow's memories for their friday night crop.  I was supposed to be working but made the decision earlier in the week, that i think it was beyond me to do so at the moment.  I really want to thank Evana who stepped in and worked for me... Thanks Heaps!!
Anyway, Amanda was there ( another staff member..) who is having a baby about 5 weeks behind me, and so i took the chance to get a photob of the 2 of us.  So stay tuned there will be 2 Tomorrow's Memories babies in the next couple of months!!


Vicki said...

Love the photo...both of you look gorgeous! Just think if Amanda has a girl I can go shopping for more pink stuff!!!!! It was great seeing you last night...thanks for calling in. Vicki xx

Rebecca Beattie said...

HOW COOL! Can't wait to see more Tomorrow's Memories babies! You both look fabulous!! xxxx