Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sam's 1st day of Kindy

Well today was the big day and it went better than i could of hoped for.. Sam was so excited from the moment he got up.  We made some blueberry muffins in the morning for him to take as his afternoon snack and by 11.30am he was itching to put his clothes on that we had decided ( or I did...lol) he was going to wear for Kindy.  Mum came and sat with Nic while i took Sam.  We found his name on the Kindy door and where his bag was to go.  It was then time to go inside and I stayed with him for 10 minutes and read a book and did a few puzzles.  Then when the kindy bell rang, he kissed me and waved goodbye with a smile and that was it..  Someone tell me why i have spent the last week stressing my head off with sleepless nights worrying that he wasn't going to cope!!!

I had to laugh the bag is bigger than him....lol

He was waiting out in the car ready to go before i had even found my keys.... It was very cute!

I love this one... He was so excited to find his name.


suzitee said...

I think it must be part of the Mummy job description...for us to do all the stressing! So glad you both survived the first day)

Jo Kay said...

So glad it all went well Kris! He looks so grown up and very, very trendy in his new clothes!
Jo x

Tracey said...

I remember this moment so well. Yes even the stressing. Its what we do, its part of our makeup. And now I am stessing all ove again with Alex going to High School. See it never ends and deep down I don't really think we want it to.
love me :-)

Anonymous said...

You even stress when they go to high school he is so gorgeous told you nothing to worry about... He look fabulous well done Sam xxx

Mrs Frizz said...

Yep - he looks ready for kindy ... now if you had have looked into that magical ball ... you would have seen that there was no need for you to stress!