Saturday, June 13, 2009

Picnic Lunch

Yesterday the boys and I, as well as Grandma and Aunty Clarie went for a picnic up to Mundaring Weir. It was great fun.. We just packed up a sandwich and a hot Thermos and went for a drive. it was good to get the boys out of the house and have a run around.

They loved running up and down the wall and looking out at the water. I must say, the weir is very dry at the moment and the level is so low.

There wasn't really a nice place to have some lunch at the Weir( ..there used to be, but it is looking pretty bad at the moment - a little disappointing..) So we went to Jacoby park, just in Mundaring.

I love this photo of Liz and Claire on the swing.. they look so Happy!!

I have been practising using my photo shop again and you will notice some of the photos have a different colour look to them. This was done by using one of the photoshop Actions ( lomo ) at the Coffee shop.
Hope you are all having a Good weekend.

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