Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dark Side..Bwaaahhhhhh..

( that was supposed to be my evil laugh...LOL)..

Lots of people have been asking me, have I gone over to the dark side of Digital scrapping and given my paper scrapping away???

The quick response to this at the moment is.....NO, not totally..
But at the moment, while the boys are young and my house is so little, it is really hard to get all my supplies out onto the kitchen bench every time i scrap. Then before i have even turned around, Nic has climbed onto the bench and started pulling things off. So it just seems like too much hard work to scrap with them around. Every time I walk away or finish I have to pack everything up, which just takes up heaps of time....
So, at the moment i really love scrapping and so i figure if i scrap digitally, i still get the thrill of scrapping and finishing a page that i can share with everyone..

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