Saturday, January 29, 2011

Super Slide

Sam went and had a sleep over at Nanna's house last night and spent yesterday arvo and this morning sliding on the water slide.  The cutest thing was he rang Nic at 7:30am and asked him to come over and slide with him xx.... So both of them were sliding with Grandad by 8am this morning :)

 Sam is turning into such a gorgeous boy at the moment and is so excited to be going into pre primary this year.

 My little Tornado absolutely loved the water slide.. He has no fear :)

 Was so funny to watch my dad try and get to his stomach on the water slide.. lets just say a 60 yr old man doesn't have the ability to get to his stomach in one foul swoop.... it takes about 6.. ha ha ha ... laughed so hard at this moment :)

A great way to spend the morning.. the boys laughter and fun is so

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Tracey said...

Hey cool photo's. We got josh one of these a few weeks back and he spend hours on it.
Certainly a good way too keep cool.
love me :-)