Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Elise Anne Sparkes

Well she is here and gorgeous as ever!!
Elise anne Sparkes
29 - 3 -2010
9.14 am
8lb 1oz
I will be back later with lots ( and lots ) more photos but just wanted to let you all know that everything went really well with the birth and we are back at home.


suzitee said...

Oh Kris...she is just gorgeous! A big congratulations to you and your lovely family. You must be so pleased to be home, and ready to start this new chapter in your lives...can't wait to meet her!

Mrs Frizz said...

Gorgeous ... both of you.

Congratulations to the Sparkes family on the safe arrival of a precious bundle of joy in pink.

Take care.

Vicki said...

Welcome home!!!! Can we put a photo up on our blog now too???? We enjoyed our cuddles with Elise!!

Tracey said...

I am just so happy and excited for you, can't wait for a cuddle.
love me :-)

Anonymous said...

HOLY SMOKE GIRL! SHE IS GORGEOUS! I need to come snuggle with her....oh yummy baby girls are coated in yumminess huh! yOU BOTH LOOK AMAZING..........