Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A month has gone by

Well i am finally back on-line. It has taken 3 and a half weeks for me to get my Internet connection relocated to our new house. It's amazing how lost you feel with out having any internet..
SO much has happened since i last posted. We finished packing up our old house, moved into our new house and found out we were having another baby.. OMG.. i'm just exhausted typing all of that.. ha ha ha
Here are a couple of updated photos of the boys..

I haven't done much scrapping either paper or digital over the last month, but i did get a chance to do this one.
I have my 12 week scan next week, so hoping that all is ok with bub..
I have been as sick as a dog with all day nausea, but i must say it is easing slightly. It's more prominent when i'm tired..( ha ha .. but hey who wouldn't be with 2 little boys running around!)
Well it is good to be back on line and hopefully I can get back into blogging!!


suzitee said...

So glad to hear that your nausea is easing Kris...YUK! Hope you are all settled into your new home, and that you feel like creating again really soon :)

Vicki said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to catching up soon with you. Vicki