Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Froggy Cupcakes

Not sure if any of you have seen the latest New Idea this week, but they have got the cutest cupcake decorating ideas for 4 little animals. Something about supporting the RSPCA.. So anyway Mum and I decided to make the Little frogs with the boys yesterday..
This is the first time that Nic has actually sat up and been a part of the cooking.. He loved his first taste of the beaters as well.
( Don't you just love the song I added to my playlist for this Post...LOL)

Sam helping mum put the eyes on.
The Best part of all, according the Nic is the eating.. LOL

How cute do they look...
Well the dreaded cold has finally caught up with me today.. I have been trying the avoid it for such a long time and thought I was doing well... ha ha ha. Poor Sam is sneezing everywhere as well so I think he might be getting another one as well... Bring on Summer is all I can say!!
Only one week to go and we will have moved into our new house. So I can't avoid to be too sick.. Doesn't this cold know that I have to pack.. ha ah ah!!


suzitee said...

I agree...the tasting IS the best part! Good luck with the move, it's such a BIG job (that I am successfully putting off atm...eeek!) Bet you can't wait to be settled in :)

Anonymous said...

Only a week!!! And I haven't even seen you for nearly 1 1/2 weeks! Love the pics and the music (so did Reuben). Great song that. Chat soon xo

Lesley said...

I can't believe you are moving in a week, and I haven't even seen your for over a week. Sorry to hear you've got a cold now. Love the pics and the music (so did Reuben). Chat soon xo

parkyslot said...

gorgeous photos and cakes too xx
hope your feeling better